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Preparation projects
Every need of preparation of a scene, set, and furnishing can be designed by Superstudio which collaborates with Workshop, inner design studio situated in the Bridge building, where many external agents work. Technical and logistic assistance for the projects already planned by the clients.

Set designConsultancy: creativity and communication
Superstudio works in collaboration with numerous set designers, putting people in contact with projects and the best estimates for expenditures. A Production Director is always at client's disposal for the logistics, timing, sudden requests or details like chair rentals for conventions.

Consultancy, creativity and communication
Superstudio Group was founded and is currently managed by renowned creative talents with important international
experiences within the publishing, journalism, art-direction, art, theatre, television, communication, fashion
fields. This allows a thorough and extensive consultancy service, satisfying all the needs of the events hosted
in its locations or outdoors: creative projects, direction, choreography, artistic direction, communication and
press-office, graphics, videos, photos, catalogues, publications, etc.

Sound and lights
Superstudio works in collaboration with some selected sound and light service providers, putting people into contact for the best projects and estimates of expenditures. A Production Director is always at client's disposal for the logistic, timing, sudden requests or details. An electrician is available for technical assistance.

Backstage and wardrobe
Superstudio offers a wardrobe service for parties, exhibitions, conventions etc. with a dedicated area. Rental of tables, chairs, stands and coat hangers.

A multilingual hostess team, with nice presence and an elevated culture, is available for any need a client may have at the wardrobe, reception, assistance, registration etc.

A casting service is available formodel search, walk - on's, artists, common faces for any need of assistance or image.

Superstudiopiù can provide any kind of artistic and editorial production and assistance for events, conventions, exhibitions, shows ect.
Superstudio's creative team can focus on special projects for any kind of need.
Also, Superstudio can provide any kind of equipement on request (security and more....)
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