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Greta Thunberg proved how much strength and courage a little Asperger girl can have, up to raising awareness and mobilise young people from everywhere around the world, therefore our future. Also Superstudio is on Greta’s and young Aspies’ side : boys and girls superior intelligence and strong emotions, able to focus on a target and follow it through, with no distractions and with determination. Girls and boys with weird behaviour, usually highly creative, as demonstrated at the fist “Autism and Creativity” convention held at Superstudio last February during Autism Global Day that summons actors, directors, writers, illustrators, artists, digital technicians all talented Aspies. To show how diversity is a value and getting to know each other helps self-fulfilment and the achievement one owns’ desires. On the 16th February, for the same anniversary, once again at Superstudio Più, with a new convention, organised by Spazio Asperger Onlus, CuoreMenteLab and the specialised publishing house Edra.

For information please contact: formazione@cuorementelab.it



Flavio Lucchini, artist and founder of Superstudio, on exhibition in Dubai with both well-known and  original artworks. A solo exhibition strongly wanted by Oblong Contemporary Art, art gallery created in the residential district Bluewaters Island by Emanuela Venturini and Paola Marucci, an artistic and cultural exchange programme between Dubai and Italy (with headquarters in Pietrasanta) in collaboration with MyOwnGallery, Superstudio’s contemporary art gallery.


For more info: www.flaviolucchiniart.com



Affordable Art Fair, the fair that made us discover and rediscover the love for contemporary art collection, is back at Superstudio Più. Over the past ten years, 423 galleries participated with more than 120.000 visitors for a turnover of over 12.000.000 Euros sold works. For 2020 edition, on schedule from 7th to 9th February, over 82 galleries will participate with a single proposal: artworks by emerging and well-known artists, from painting to photography, from sculpture to graphic with artworks under 7500 euros. Visitors will dive in the world of art with the latest trends and a side schedule full of entertainment. Alongside Affordable Art Fair, MyOwnGallery, Superstudio’s art gallery, will stay open the whole weekend with THE PIECE (PEACE) MAKER solo exhibition and special and with the special guest of the artist FLYCAT: indisputable ancestor of the first generation of Writing and Hip Hop culture in Italy, showcases more than 100 artworks among paintings, sculptures, drawings, art design objects, video...


7th - 9th February 

Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 - Milano





Books, exhibitions, conferences, debates and presentations are back on stage during the “Salone della Cultura”, annual appointment dedicated to print media for the forth year in a row back at Superstudio Più.
Two days during which writers, publishers, collectors, and amateurs ones may move from the new book to the illustrated one up to the antique, in the sectors of Narrative, Children, Essay Orientalistic, Comic Books, Artists Books, Art and Illustrated books, with over 500.000 titles in total.
The event in this year’s event are the various art exhibitions including the one dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the death of Milanese poetess Alda Merini, Obey with its portrait of Barak Obama and more art works and 37 illustrated figures of “Le avventure di Pinocchio” by Fabio Sironi.



Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 2020-01-15
10am– 7.30pm
Superstudio Più
Via Tortona, 27 – Milan




La Moda in altro Modo” lands on Youtube, images and testimonies on the golden years of Italian fashion in which Flavio Lucchini has been creator and protagonist as art director and creator of magazines. Project by Gisella Borioli with direction by Giovanni Gastel, the film is a visual and complementary story of the autobiography “Il Destino – dovevo fare il contadino ma ho incontrato la moda (e non sono uno stilista)" by Lucchini.
A fascinating journey marked by social, costumes, taste and socio-politics changes transformations which Lucchini interpreted through his magazines and his art. Fundamental steps. The 50’s of New Look by Dior: Lucchini creates Fantasia. The 60’s between Haute Couture and Beatles: Lucchini designs Amica and transforms Novità to Vogue. Protest movements of the 70’s and the beginning of pret-à-porter, the publishing revolution by Lucchini with Oliviero Toscani to give evidence of the new society with L’Uomo Vogue and Lei. The 80’s: establishment of the designers made in Italy. Lucchini creates the antagonists of “Vogue” Donna and Mondo Uomo.
Top models become stars. The Minimalism and Individualism of the 90’s: Lucchini turns fashion into art with his Dress Art. 2000: fashion changes radically, with the appearance of mass fashion, e-commerce and fast fashion, Superstudio Più is born, among fashion design and innovation. Lucchini leaves publishing and dedicates to his Dress Art.





“I am 50. Hard for me to believe it, I say this because I’m still the same, I still have my Dodgers baseball cap, coloured hands... I still get excited when I am given a new Hot Wheels as a present, I still get emotional when I look back at photos of my friends who have gone away too soon; this is the spirit that guided me up to now and it’s the same one that brought me back to MyOwnGallery of Superstudio, with my solo exhibition...”. “THE PIECE (PEACE) MAKER” it is not just an exhibition, but a celebration of “Underground Culture” by Milanese artist Flycat, an indisputable forefather of the first generation of Writing and Hip Hop culture in Italy. To celebrate his 50th birthday and 36 years of artistic career, 100 art works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and much more, narrate the story and philosophy of the “Urban Art” cultural movement, with the important curatorship by Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM). The theme of Letters inserted into an urban fabric - never mind if in Milan or in New York - takes shape through different art works such as urban maps that narrate overlapping stories. 


MyOwnGallery - Superstudio Più
via Tortona 27bis,
17th January – 16th February 2020
MON - FRY; SAT and SUN on appointment
h 11.00 – 18.30

Weekend with the artist SAT 8th - SUN 9th February, during Affordable Art Fair; SAT 15th - SUN 16th February
For more information: www.flycatarte.com



It is the award that Italian event-industry looks forward to all year long. The Bea Awards is the appointment that, for sixteen years now, elects the best services in several categories of events promotion of organisation.
At the end of November, the announcement of the winners for 2019 on stage at The Mall in Milan. Surprisingly, for Superstudio: double first award to Superstudio Più both as best “venue” in general and as multi-purpose space. Valeria De Grandis and Martina Cinquegrana, two collaborators of Superstudio Events, have collected the two yearned for trophies. Career award to Daniele Zambelli, founder and CEO of Simmetrico, a net of creators with International branches that for years has its headquarter at Superstudio 13.



An in-depth interview of Katie Holmes for Elle UK December edition: from the iconic show of the 90’s “Dawson Creek”, to super stylish little Suri, the child born from marriage with Tom Cruise (who she never mentions), up to her jobs as actress and, today, as director and producer too.
In Milan for Fashion Week, Katie has been a guest at our studios where she posed for the cover and shooting for Fendi, whose fashion show she attended as special guest. All photos by Daniel Clavero.



The "ORGANISMI e HARMONIE" exhibition presents a hybrid collection between sculpture and design belonging to Kim Seung Hwan's last decade production, outlining the new aesthetic direction undertaken by the artist, designer and cultural entrepreneur. The exhibition curated by Martina Corgnati, highlights elements as artifice and nature, modernism and archaism that reunite in the geometric and mathematical laws and emphasizes the impeccable dominion of the Korean sculptor of plastic materials, from bronze to polystyrene to stones.
Kim Seung Hwan began his career in the nineties in Pietrasanta where he attended the Academy of Carrara, then he continued his journey in Asia. In 2008, with his wife Lanki Jung, he founded the great center of contemporary art Dio Art Center, which hosts and produces exhibitions, installations and film shows dedicated to Italian and Korean authors.
After almost 30 years for his return to Italy and Europe, the artist has chosen the MyOwnGallery gallery at Superstudio, a preview of the next stage during the Milan Design Week 2020.
MyOwnGallery - Superstudio
via Tortona 27, Milan
from November 15th to December 11th, 2019
Tuesday - Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m
For more information: http://kimseunghwan.kr/



An International event dedicated to men. Superstudio will be “the place to be”, an area where you can let your curiosity run wild and treat with a moment dedicated to yourself; trim the beard, try on tailor-made clothes, taste spirits and fine cigars. Three days entirely dedicated to men’s passions in all its forms. Many top brands are present at Man’s World Winter Edition, creators in the luxury wear, such as E. Marinella, Albeni 1905, Carlo Alberto, of health & beauty, food & beverage, technology, sport and motors. Over 60 exhibitors including small artisans and professionals that describe their own brand to guests in a direct and experiential way.


From 28 november to 30 december
Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milan

For more information: www.mansworld.com



Espresso coffee, mocha, Neapolitan or American, in capsule or decaffeinated, the coffee ritual is art and pleasure at the same time. From the persisting scent of roasted beans to the intense and creamy aroma that emanate from the cup, this is the “blend” that “The Milan Coffee Festival”, international event dedicated to handcrafted coffee and its numerous variations, wants to offer. A celebratory event unmissable for all coffee lovers, professionals and operators in the sector. Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a series of tastings, interactive workshops, performances by well-known bartenders. And furthermore, The “Latte art live”, with a series of demos and competitions among World’s top experts.



From November 30th to December 1st
Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milan

For more information: www.milancoffeefestival.com



Following the first Superstudio 13 born in 1980 in via Forcella, that triggered the redevelopment of Tortona district in Milan and, in 2000, Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27, in 2020 Superstudio Maxi will open in via Moncucco: a disused iron and steel factory that will be turned into a cultural hub with the purpose to bring art, design, fashion, culture and innovation into the suburbs. 
This is the topic of the meeting "20+20=2020 Metamorphosisi of Milan" at the Trinnale Milano, urban redevelopment and requalification of suburbs told by “testimonials” who experienced this economical and social transformation of Milan. 
With the support of Milan City Council members Cristina Tajani fashion design and productive activities, Pierfrancesco Maran city planning and green (video contribution), Lorenza Baroncelli Artistic Director Triennale Milano, Rita Airaghi Ferré foundation, Giovanni Gastel photographer, Stefano Giovannoni designer, Giulio Cappellini art-director, Ivan artist, Massimo Roj Progetto CMR. Introduction by Gisella Borioli.
Wednesday 9 October, 11:00 am
Triennale Milano - Viale Alemagna, 6

Free Entry

For more information: communication@superstudiogroup.com



Global industry of digital design is continuously growing and absorbs constant innovations in harmony with new technologies.The Digital Design Days is focused on examining this landscape, offering a unique experience of research and inspiration, in a three days event summoning thousands of professionals from all over the world, during which Superstudio is welcoming innovative International brands committed to make business grow through digital design. 50 speakers, visionary storytellers and innovative thinkers ready to inspire and guide the public towards digital challenges creating a perfect binomial between creativity and innovation. The parterre of relators ranges from creatives of Spotify to Product Designers of Uber and Mastercard up to the supervisors of special effects of worldwide successful television series such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones.


From 10 to 12 October
Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milan


For more information: www.ddd.it



How many times does a blackout in the area, an unexpected breakdown, a tropical storm that occur increasingly often in Milan, a connection error on the network that make electricity go out during an event, or worst, a live television show? Rarely, luckily. However those many or few minutes of blackout may cause countless and irreparable damages. Continuing the upgrade and improvements, Superstudio Più points out an important news: starting from September 2019, the large venue of via Tortona 27 will be equipped with an emergency generator that will give power to the spaces for events and will get rid of all risks connected with low voltage and lack of electricity.



2019 has been a year of great innovations for one of the most appreciated sportswear brands. C.P. Company, well-known brand founded by Massimo Osti in 1970, begins a new journey of renovation and growth that, starting from a permanent show-room of seven hundred square meters at Superstudio Più, foresees in three years new retail openings in Italy and abroad, with a particular focus on London. The company, whose’ success began long ago from the study of army uniforms made urban and “garment dyed”- the dyeing of an item of clothing, even of different materials, at the end of the manufacturing process, not using previously dyed textiles - today still rides the market thanks to constant innovation of technological processes that provide collections an unmistakable identity and with colour effects and surprising performances. Next step: offer to the retail of the new Milanese flagship store the “bespoke colour”, a custom-tailoring service on iconic clothing of the brand. 



An exhibition with many "never seen before" works inaugurates the autumn season of the MyOwnGallery. The "Paintings- Armani Ispired" by Flavio Lucchini follow each others like in a fashion show: jackets with square shoulders, lots of black and white, soft and slippery lines, divine dresses, very thin silouttes. The artist who first believed and supported the talent of a very young Giorgio Armani, interprets in his Dress Art the image of the great fashion designer, remembering the "fashion golden age", when one was the Fashion King and the another the King of fashion publishing.  
A sophisticated, almost rarefied exhibition that surprises: not only paintings with acrylic colors, but also material paintings where the dress seems to come out of the canvas with an unusual movement.
Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

h 10am/1pm – 2pm/6pm and on appointment
free entrance



Extremely reserved, unreachable, even algid: who is actually Giorgio Armani? The new book by Tony Di Corcia published by Cairo Editore, tries to answer this question by interviewing journalists, fashion designers and important figures of culture, top models, actresses, going through the steps of an extraordinary existence that begins with its own brand in 1975 that then originated an international empire. On 11th September h 6.30 pm, Superstudio hosts in MyOwnGallery the presentation of the book that according to the author’s will, concentrates on the man, narrating Giò’s (as his mother Maria used to call him) childhood, fondness, friendships, personalities, feelings.

Info: c.ferellafalda@superstudiogroup.com



Superstudio’s summer party has become tradition, the Super Summer Party. It gathers in the large garden at the entrance, clients, friends, collaborators in a different and cheerful evening. This year’s theme is the Moon. The actual born star, to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing. The moon theme will state in many ways, from the dress code to the lighting set up to lunar cocktails, these by today’s most trendy bartenders, along with a soundtrack that will blend traces of indie music with some from the 50’s, black rock, with local rap in a “masala” of surprising notes.

At the entrance of Superstudio in MyOwnGallery, at the same time as the Super Summer Party, an extraordinary opening of "Ghost_#5_ManOnTheMoon" exhibition, curated by Giorgio Racca and Pier Paolo Pitacco, Internationally renowned photographers reinterpret the Moon theme with different and not-for-granted styles.


Superstudio Più, 11th July.

By invitation only.



White, after the success of the January 2019 edition, the second step of the Man Fashion relaunch project begins. During Milan Men's Fashion Week, White Street Market opens its doors to both the sector operators and the fashion crew. Taking part in the three-day event at Superstudio are both large fashion houses such as Converse, Foot Locker, Fila and Vivienne Westwood, and fashion labels such as Wråd, Movitra, Vanta Design Studio, Fantabody. Three days of fashion with a busy schedule of  happenings, events, presentations and workshops.


Free entry with registration: www.whitestreetmarket.it

Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milan

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June: 10:00 - 19:00
Monday 17 June: 10:00 - 16:00

For more information: www.whitestreetmarket.it



Runway shows are back at Superstudio 13, bringing back the opportunity to present collections in the area for both Men and Women Fashion Week, entering leisurely in the calendar of the great runways and fashion events always more present in Tortona district, next to Armani, Fendi, Zegna, Moncler, and many other. And while Men Fashion Week in Milan is drawing closer and White Street Market will be on show at Superstudio Più, in Superstudio 13’s large space, a runway show by Spyder Korea well-known fitness and lifestyle brand, will take place.

Monday 17 June
Superstudio 13 - Via Forcella 13, Milan

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