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Superstudio Più - via Tortona 27, Milan

Superstudio 13 - Via Forcella 13, via Bugatti 9


Press Preview- 3rd April (only press)

4th-7th April 2017 (only professionals)
8th-9th April 2017 (also non-professionals)




SUPERDESIGN SHOW, Superstudio’s project for Milano Design Week that looks to the future, reaches its third edition. It focuses on research, on every day’s extraordinary, on freedom of choice, on contaminations between classic and avant-garde, industry and craftsmanship, tradition and future, simplicity and magnificence, being aware that everything has been done by now, that the whole world takes part in the evolution of the habitat that surrounds us, that rules and boundaries are out-dated.


SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a world-famous highly awaited appointment, first stopover in every visit to Tortona District since 2000. 17.000msq of exhibiting space, 130 000 visitors and 2270 registered visitors only in 2016, theme projects, museum-like installations, national pavilions, independent or collective exhibitions, large consolidated companies but also young innovative companies, start-ups, self-design and all other trends of the living and inhabiting. Lounge, meeting rooms, press office, coordinated image, common areas, gardens, restaurants and much more.
Industrial design, art-design, artefacts, technology, automotive, work, décor objects, travels, entertainment, personal care, textile, ornaments, contaminations with tradition, and everything that design proposes in step with times. And again the Capitals of design, emerging countries who became protagonists. New scenarios: makers, 3D prints, e-commerce, limited editions, self-production, web-promotion, eco-thinking, artefacts, re-use and re-design that propose affordable objects, far from consolidated production and distribution logics.
SUPERDESIGN moves in this fluid and always in progress program, identifying trends and enhancing quality, research, excellence.
An idea per year to characterize common areas and to align exhibitors on the recurring mood. Works with original elements of graphics, art, decor, photography, video, sculpture, music and performance, make the visit at Superstudio Più stimulating right from the entrance, taking the visitor into a world that talks about creativity and innovation.
Lined-up, convinced, accustomed to white, black, grey, beige, metallic tones in all their compositions and variations, a strong need of colour comes on today.
A trend already expressing itself through art, fashion, decoration, food, graphics, design and id destined to grow and influence today’s aesthetical selections. TIME TO COLOR! Is the year’s theme chosen by SUPERDESIGN to “paint” brand-new their own surroundings, to encourage their own exhibitors to think of set-ups and presentations where color is part of the language and highlights trends.
Fancy for color but also DISCOVERING: PEOPLE&STORIES, 40 authors from all over the world with only one object that talk about themselves. An astonishing, lively and unpredictable exhibition in line with Superstudio's identity, as the space famous for experimentations, discoveries, the most interesting ideas: the innovative proposals are lined up, with coordinated signage that values tradition, the heritage and the biography of the creatives.

Lounge, meeting room, press office, public areas, corporate branding, gardens, restaurants and much more.


SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a project by Gisella Borioli. Artistic Direction by the architect Carolina Nisivoccia.


Online the new website: www.superdesignshow.com


For infos and reserve a space:

+39 02422501

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