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15 years of design by Superstudio and in Tortona District





Superstudio Più - via Tortona 27, Milan


Press Preview- 13th April, 3pm to 8pm (only press)

14th-17th April 2015, 10am to 9pm (only professionals)
18th April 2015, 10am to 9pm (also non-professionals)
19th April 2015, 10am to 6pm (also non-professionals)
Superstudio Group celebrates 15 years as the leader of international Design in Milan with the new format SUPERDESIGN SHOW, evolutionary project that replaces and incorporates the success of the “Temporary Museum for New Design”.
On show at Superstudio Più on 10.000 sq.mt of exhibiting spaces, the most interesting Italian and International production, but also life-style projects and proposals that make design their starting point, to speculate the present and the future of our houses, of work and knowledge places, in the urban habitat, in our lives.
A brand-new, big, strong logo, designed by the art-director and artist Flavio Lucchini, to tell Superstudio’s new era. SUPERDESIGN SHOW, to sum up how design has by now gone beyond itself, together with rules, prejudices, categories, hierarchies, limits, boundaries and even physical laws, daring sometimes the impossible.
The lesson by the great post-modern masters, such as Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini, that since the 70’s propelled fantasy has become the core of contemporary design, merging tradition with eclecticism, experimentation with quality.
After opening in 2001 with Design Connection the doors to the Fuori Salone events, after having totally revolutioned the exhibiting concept with the sophisticated formula Temporary Museum for New Design in 2009, for 2015, the year of Expo, Superstudio provides new answers to the market’s trends, to the change of design world, to the extension of horizons, to the 2.0 creative talents crowd, with the new name and new format SUPERDESIGN SHOW.
A large container that approaches with renewed planning skill the current entities. On one hand, it preserves the fascination of the Temporary Museum entrusting some International brands with the job to explore the latest frontiers of creativity and translating them into emotional paths that enchant and surprise the visitor like a sensorial show. On the other hand, it opens up more and more to research, to scouting, to selection of creative forces that experiment innovative solutions to improve our life. And it also proposes theme exhibitions providing an overview on still undervalued or partly unexplored complementary worlds such as furniture textile or spaces for kids.
Art, as always, interlaces with Design at Superstudio: this year it is a selection of unique art-design pieces for our houses and of installations that may be “used” by getting in or sitting on them.
A great theme and an invitation: OPEN YOUR MIND!
SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a project by Gisella Borioli. Art Direction by architect Carolina Nisivoccia.
Superstudio Più in Via Tortona 27 presents various projects that provide a complete overview on the world of international Design, now divided into theme areas:

Where design becomes emotion, according to the formula “less fair and more museum”. Furniture, objects, materials, and more presented through new languages of the contemporary art scenery and the wonders of technology with the collaboration of important international creatives. Marcel Wanders for LG Hausys (South Korea) presents a spectacular sensorial installation where the two opposing worlds, reason and emotion, meet each other. Asahi Glass Company (Japan) creates, with the contribution of Norihisa Kawashima and Keika Sato, a glass maze reminiscent of the birth of a glacier, where projections of lights and images generate a new interaction between people and information. A huge kinetic sculpture leads to the world of Hyundai (South Korea) in collaboration with the American sculptor Reuben Margolin: a moving wave over 3 meters high, expression of harmony and vitality of nature. Aisin (Japan) with its avant-garde technologies brings a philosophical installation to life, in collaboration with Ryota Kuwakubo, Setsu and Shinobu Ito, for a futuristic mobility applied to the world of furniture.


Innovative and successful companies of contemporary design present their most recent production of furniture and proposals in specifically dedicated “galleries”. The sustainable projects of Vitamin, with butterfly-table, synthesis of elegance and lightness; Ornamenta and highly tailored ceramic decoration that blend art and material. Hyundai Card presents the evolution of the credit card design over ten years of history, from simple way of payment to an aesthetic and sensorial experience. GioPagani Couture experiments with style and fashion-interior design language in a couture collection. The latest trends in lighting design are expressed by Beau&Bien, with jewel lights and sculpture lights, with sparkling crystals magically hanging in space. Contemporary aesthetics and return to origins define the carpet art by Jan Kath, great German designer, presenting two unique collections, the first one inspired by Space and Galaxies, the other one with redesigned traditional  oriental carpets. And finally language crossing among photography, video and design with the surprising and original duo Pietro Travaglini with Giovanni Gastel, an emerging designer and a great photographer for an extraordinary video-installation.

At Superstudio the presence of new hubs of design of the world is growing. Spaces arranged in solo or collective exhibitions that emphasize different traditions and cultures.
A total-white scenery where a river flows leads us inside the production of made in China contemporary design by the big name of furniture design Red Star Macalline. Inspired by little and big things of the river of life the collection of art pieces for interior furnishing by Tipart who has been operating for over 20 years in art applied to design. And more, Former’s Italian production, with a revolutionary project of separating walls. Spotlight on new expressions of design of Japan, Korea, Spain, Israel, France, Serbia, Hungary, Arab Emirates.

The much waited for Superstudio’s selection of innovative and original objects, proposals, projects that may become icons of new design. A wide and “open mind” selection that values new creative trends: Biomega’s bike, included by MoMa in its collection, is a new tech icon of Scandinavia’s minimal design; the door that becomes a bed by Tac Design, suitable for small spaces; Cozì Studio’s lamps with 3D printed fabric of lace texture;  the “flat” solutions to fit books and objects by Lettera G; laser cut metal lamps presented by German Jens Otten; technological and interactive objects by Digital Habits. Everything (or almost everything) directly on sale on the website www.dalani.it in the special Superstudio Selection section.


A new project by Superstudio dedicated to children's world, so lively, so “demanding”, so full of possibilities, in cooperation with Paola Noè. A brand-new exhibition involving furniture, objects, publishing, playing, art and much more. Within Ki.D.S., "unduetrestella design week", the successful event recreating a complete apartment where kids are kings; and again the creations suitable for baby by Blue Monkeys Distribution with Oeuf NY and Guum Barcelona, Eco and You, Flavio Lucchini Art, Nidi, Studio delle Alpi.


Artists dealing with interior design, designers approaching the uniqueness of contemporary art, site-specific installations to be lived-in and interacted with. Visionary, provocative, ethic, original, emotional pieces that transform a space with just their presence. There will be much talking about the collective artists and designers exhibition Islamopolitan (Islam+Cosmopolitan) by Maraya Art Center of Sharjah, Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014. Central subject will be the relationship between Islam and Design, a multi-voice conversation exploring gender issues, culture, race, and creed according to a multidisciplinary and ironic approach. The exhibition will stay also on from May 1st to May 14, on the occasion of Expo 2015.
At Superstudio's Art Gallery MyOwnGallery, the exhibition called Imagination, curated by Gisella Borioli and Lella Valtorta, presents a debate between art and design with art works by the resident artist Flavio Lucchini who find analogies, correspondences, reflections in the unique pieces or limited editions of Dilmos, Daniele Papuli, SlideArt, Hand Artis Fabrica, Mamadorè-Expositore, Piazzadispagna9, Tacloban Prevails, Turelli Studio.

In Art.box, window on via Tortona, Dolls/Colorful! art-design installation, which anticipates the open-air exhibition of Flavio Lucchini at Fidenza Village.


Material Connexion presents “Materials Village”, the international hub of events and initiatives dedicated to promote the culture of materials. Great architects and companies, personalised structures, brand-new projects inspired by themes of innovation of materials and manufacturing process technologies. Participants: Florim, Turkish Ceramics, Coalesse, 3M, Oikos, Finproject, Elitis, Tile Skin, Oltremateria, Carmon@Carbon, Marcello Cerasuolo, Arpa Industriale, Favini, Pelma.


For the first time, the magnificent world of textile furniture arrives at Superstudio. An art installation that presents the most interesting production in an original way. Among participants Acrylic Couture, Arte-fatto, Christian Fischbacher, Edelgrund, Lisa Corti, Manuel Canovas, SoFarSoNear.

Architectural projects, outside furnishing, hospitality projects and much more are located in the garden of Superstudio Più. On the Roof of Superstudio Più is “Terzo Paradiso - Coltivare la città” by Michelangelo Pistoletto that from vegetable garden turns into a paddy field and a space dedicated to debates on the theme human-nature-design-nourishment. Ivanka presents its interactive concrete house that demonstrate all extraordinary applications and finishing of this material.



A range of exclusive services at SuperDesign Show. Alongside the usual Dada Café (contemporary Italian cuisine) and Superstudio Café (creative Italian cuisine), we added SuperDesign Green Food (salad bar & fresh eating), the SuperDesign Lounge with Valdo Prosecco tasting, Just Juice’s juices, parking, press office, accueil, information point, meeting room…

Superstudio renews its synergistic partnership with St. Petersburg Design Week (20th-27th of May 2015) www.spbdw.com.
Also Superstudio takes part in the "Milano Fuori Salone” Committee created for protection and shared communication of fuori salone events through the publication of contents -in dedicated pages- on platform fuorisalone.it.


We would like to thank ASUS for the technology devices supplied to the staff of SuperDesign Show, Press Office and Info Point; Valdo, partner of SuperDesign Lounge, for free tastings of Prosecco and of new Brut Rosè Floral Edition by Fabrizio Sclavi; Abet Laminati with De Rosso for furniture created especially for common spaces; Novacolor for colour works in the SuperDesign Show areas; Dalani for the online selling of Superstudio Selection; Slide for Press Office’s furniture and for its “Amore” benches; Bolon for the design flooring.



3 Italia, Aisin, Asahi Glass Company AGC, Beau&Bien, Former, GioPagani Couture, Hyundai Card, Hyundai Motor Company, Ivanka, Izabela Boloz, Jan Kath, LG Hausys, Material Connexion Italia, Ornamenta, Pietro Travaglini Design, Rasori9, Red Star Macalline, Tipart, Vitamin Design.


SELECTED OBJECTS: Biomega, B2U/millenovecento89, Chicco, Cozì Studio, Davide Radaelli Design Studio, Digital Habits, Di-segno+, Dsignedby, Gio.Cavallaro Design, Grado Furniture Design, Iperdimensione, Italyiic / The Contact Store, Jens Otten Produktdesign, Lettera G, Pega D&E, Piscine Desjoyaux, Sikkens, Tac Design.
Ki.D.S.: Blue Monkeys Distribution, Eco and You, Flavio Lucchini Art, Nidi, Studio delle Alpi, unduetrestella design week.
SUPERTEXTILE: Acrylic Couture, Arte-fatto, Christian Fischbacher, Edelgrund, Lisa Corti, Manuel Canovas, SoFarSoNear.
ART-DESIGN EXHIBIT: Islamopolitan (supported by Shurooq), Terzo Paradiso – Coltivare la città by Michelangelo Pistoletto.
Imagination: Daniele Papuli, Dilmos, Flavio Lucchini, Hand Artis Fabrica, Mamadorè-Expositore, Piazzadispagna9, SlideArt, Tacloban Prevails, Turelli Studio.

Colorful!: Flavio Lucchini's Dolls for Fidenza Village.

TEMPORARY SHOPS: Coontemporarymood, Maison 203




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