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Superstudio Più - via Tortona 27, Milan


Press Preview- 11th April (only press)

12th-15th April 2015 (only professionals)
16th-17th April 2015 (also non-professionals)




SuperDesign, the new high quality format looking at the future, welcomes its second edition. It relies on research, on every day’s extra-ordinary, on freedom of choice, contaminations between classic and avant-garde, between industry and handcraft, between tradition and future, simplicity and magnificence, being awareness that now a days everything has already been done, the entire world takes part in the evolution of the environment, that rules and barriers have been crossed.

SuperDesign 2016 looks “beyond”, to design after Design. Theme projects, museum-like installations, national pavilions, start-ups, self-design and all trends of living and inhabiting coexist through specific and well represented projects. Only one direction, a contemporary common language, that values the national and brand identities, Italian excellences, innovation, the thinking “next”. The participating exhibitors are carefully selected to guarantee, as always, quality.
The concept at the base of the SuperDesign project favours all contemporary creativity expressions that thrive on innovation, research, refined aesthetics, functionality, culture, and elegance. Based on guaranteed quality, implementation, selection of materials, and originality of the proposal. Proposals of furniture, lightning, accessories, ceramics, objects and other “tools” of everyday habitat, designed by the most famous designers but also by young talents on the rise have to match this profile in order to be admitted to Superstudio.

This year’s theme is WHITE PAGES, that implies writing together the world waiting for us tomorrow. An invitation to exhibit not only ready-to-use objects and proposals but also futuristic and experimental projects and to “narrate” them to the public with words and installations in an ideal “white page” inside their own space. On the other hand, the wide walls in the common areas will be used to collect in an interactive way the thoughts of operators and visitors. Like every year, the key word has been communicated to all exhibitors as an idea and a starting point for reflection. An invitation for an in-depth communication of the research and the vision of each company and designer to make the public well informed and aware.


TEMPORARY MUSEUM: Great installations, emotional galleries that present new production entries in a contest that, from time to time, dialogues with art, music, light, video, virtual reality, emotion.

Individual closed spaces, as mysterious and tempting as art galleries, are available to single excellence brands that invest on the exhibiting project. Each exhibition provides an overview of its latest production with carefully designed installations that value the brand and its philosophy.

CASA ITALIANA: Superdesign’s numerous international visitors are constantly looking for the new “Made in Italy”. Beautiful Design, new style designers that the world envies us, products or objects born from our know-how, furniture influenced by our great tradition, Italian fashion, art and culture, top handcraft, innovation combined with quality, research for excellence…

SELECTED OBJECTS: Extended renewed, the successful section Selected Objects is back, an area dedicated to single iconic, innovative objects, that will likely remain in the history of design. Freely chosen by Superstudio’s artistic board, in the global panorama, with no limits to space, cost or products. 


FAR EAST NOW: Increasingly large space and importance are given at Superstudio to countries protagonists of the new economy such as China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, besides the well-established presence of Japan. Surely powers with the capacity to compete on international markets and on their way to occupy significant places in the contemporary world with their productions and local styles, the presence in the Milanese Design Week is more and more appreciated.

THE WORLD IS HERE: Ever increasing are the international presences that occupy the Galleries’ large closed spaces or the smaller ones of collective theme exhibitions. SuperDesign values national identities with “national pavilions” featuring position, colour, graphics, emphasizing relevant history and differences. Solo or collective exhibitions recounting culture, philosophy and market of every geographic area, providing an overview of design’s evolution all over the world.


SUPERTEXTILE: A collective project devoted to value furniture textile in all its expressions. With the complicity of a format echoing an urban village through some symbolic “textile little houses” and other decorative elements, indoor textiles, hand crafted weaving, mats, rugs, upholstering, fabric objects, accessories, curtains, beach chairs, hammocks, and everything that fantasy can create with textile, find space and personalised visibility inside the project.

LIGHT DESIGN: The lighting area brought extraordinary objects and memorable installations (Flos, Barovier&Toso, Foscarini, Leucos, Melogranoblu, Tom Dixon) at Superstudio. This year again lights will be protagonists, with different types of presences: small presences of great visibility in the Light Parade in the central corridor, individual spaces in the Galleries, sharing the innovation in the Selected Objects section.


KIDS: A collective project dedicated to children world. Though intended for professional designers, it is much appreciated also by the ordinary visitor who finds ready-made solutions to be used in every day’s life. Proposals by avant-garde companies in the world of "the kids room", but also participations of artists, professional magazines, websites and apps, children-oriented intelligent labs.

ART-DESIGN: Free from constrains objects seem to get closer to a sculpture or a galleries discoveries, rather than serially manufactured furniture. Limited editions designed by artists or creative designers. Extraordinary objects with a unique charm, iconic and one of a kind furniture, collector’s furniture. You will find Art-design, coveted element in sophisticated houses, contract project, public spaces, luxury common areas, in MyOwnGallery at Superstudio, the best place to express yourself with single pieces of installations between art and design.

TECH-DESIGN: Intelligent objects, the latest devices, robots, furniture and elements that incorporate the more advanced technology, means of transport more and more self-managed, augmented reality, virtual world, techno design, previews and unimaginable applications. Tech-design at Superstudio, contaminated by avant-garde art and fantasy, finds space and audience.

THE PARADE: New entry in the 2016 layout are “runways” to exhibit in central corridor, in a theme pathway, some interesting selected proposals such as sculpture-objects, table art, scenography lighting and more. Great visibility in impossible-to miss spaces.

OUTSIDE OUTSIDER: Superstudio Più’s large multi-purpose space, both in indoor and outdoor areas and garden, terraces and roof is suitable for hosting special, unique, original projects. From temporary architectures, flying cars, to roof vegetable garden, virtual tunnels, to water installations, to performances, to art or photographic exhibitions, to any kind of transformation of the industrial areas, anything is possible.

THE LAB 2x2=2. GREAT IDEAS IN SMALLEST SPACES: The space for opportunities, open to young talents, re-using theorists, contexts, groups and collectives, social design, designer-artists, handcraft-designers, limited editions, 3D printing and other inventions. Alive, lively, critical, The Lab is a scouting place, an informal meeting point for tomorrow’s trend setters, always present next to their creation. Free spaces of 2x2 offered at 2.000 everything included, to give space and visibility also to great ideas with little budget.


For infos, presentation and reserve a space: design@superstudiopiu.com 
+39 02422501

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