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Superstudio Maxi, a new spectacular venue in Milan

Superstudio Maxi has a 7.200 sq.m surface area with 8m height, in one whole (divisible) space at ground level, the largest private room for events in Milan, with an adjoining courtyard of 2.800 sq.m for a total of 10.00 sq.m, with a capacity of over 3.400 people.
Superstudio Maxi, a new spectacular venue in Milan
Superstudio Maxi has a 7.200 sq.m surface area with 8m height, in one whole (divisible) space at ground level, the largest private room for events in Milan, with an adjoining courtyard of 2.800 sq.m for a total of 10.00 sq.m, with a capacity of over 3.400 people.
Superstudio Maxi is born in via Moncucco, Milan
Following the first Superstudio 13 born in 1980 in via Forcella, that triggered the redevelopment of Tortona district in Milan and, in 2000, Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27, in 2020 SUPERSTUDIO MAXI will open in via Moncucco: a disused iron and steel factory that will be turned into a cultural hub with the purpose to bring art, design, fashion, culture and innovation into the suburbs. A new urban redevelopment and requalification project of the suburbs.
Super Summer Party 2019
Superdesign Show 2019 on Italian TV
Superstudio e Superdesign Show thank: TGcom24 Quelli che il Calcio X Style TG Regionale Il Sole 24 Ore
Lexus at Superstudio Più during Milano Design Week
LG Rollable OLED at Superdesign Show 2019
Interview Gisella Borioli TGCOM 24
Superdesign Show 2019
Super Summer Party 2018
TG1 Superdesign Show 2018
On the occasion of Moscow Design Week, Flavio Lucchini, founder of Superstudio and artist for over 30 years, has been invited to present his art works that best illustrate the bond between art, fashion, design and architecture with the "Dress Totem - Contemporary idols" at Altagamma gallery in Moscow. The video has been presented by Gisella Borioli, curator of the exhibition, at the RANEPA Facolty of Design in Moscow. www.flaviolucchiniart.com
On the wedding day of Pippa Middleton, who sprayed on all media the "Yes, I want" of the sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and England's future queen, the wonderful contemporary David Fielden bridal gowns went to the Superstudio Plus Gallery on a shimmering walkthrough. Lace, chiffon, embroidery, flowers, flakes, volants, immaculate white and pink peau-d'ange dreamed of the present ladies, who would gladly have chosen for a gala evening. David Fielden with his spectacular show is a recurrent guest who always gives us an expected moment of magic
Materials Village Design Week 2017
Materials Village, the hub of Material ConneXion Italy dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, returns to SUPERDESIGN SHOW with a fourth full new edition. The event, designed to create a dialogue between companies from different sectors around the theme of innovation, will have a more attractive set-up format, green and full of special meetings and will occupy an increasingly larger space.
TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA for LG : Senses of the Future - Design Film
Superdesign Show 2017
Superstudio Più transforms into a "beauty citadel" for two not-to-be-missed days, 21st and 22nd October, organized by GLAMOUR magazine. Not only top brands (Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, Shiseido, Mac, to mention just a few…) but also trends, live photographic set and talks held by personalities from the world of science, culture, art, show, carried out by Paola Maugeri.
Superstudio Più presentation
DAVID FIELDEN | Fashion Collection 2017
SuperDesign Show Milan12 - 17 april 2016
SuperDesign Show 2016 - Gisella Borioli talks about the second edition
SuperDesign Show reaches its second edition, a global very waited for event, first stop in the Tortona District during the Milanese Design Week. 17.000 sqm exhibiting space, the projects, museum-like installations, solo or group exhibitions, large consolited brands but also young and innovative startups, self-design and all trends of living and inhabit. Project creator Gisella Borioli talks to us about it.
Salone del Mobile 2016 Superstudio Più
Coveted Magazine visited Superstudio Più during Salone Del Mobiel 2016..
Imagine new days - Aisin
Milano Design Award 2016 Best Engagement by IED #MDA2016
Citizen at SuperDesign Show 2016
LIGHT IS FUTURE No one better than Citizen can assert this statement as a matter of fact. Always researching advanced technologies, in 1976 they designed Eco-drive allowing a watch to recharge through any source of light, thus needing no batterie
Milan becomes the city of Photography. Photoshow, the most important Italian festival dedicated to the world of Imaging and supported by AIF, Italian Association Photo & Digital Imaging - organized 3 days of full immersion of photography medium that heads towards the arrangement of "Tortona Photo District". The heart of the event takes place at Superstudio Più in Via Tortona 27, with a rich exhibiting area, with the latest news presented by the greatest national and international brands in the field: from production to saving devices and data broadcasting, from editing to post production, from printing to archiving.
Two surprise Super Chefs for SocialKitchen, the innovative show cooking that is also an interactive cooking lesson that may be followed directly from your own kitchen through pc or tablet. Gisella Borioli and Giovanni Gastel create "Rice and Rose" especially for the special SUPERSTUDIO show hosted at Superstudio Cafè: within an hour the dish, cooked live step by step with the help by Chef Antonio Marchello, is ready to be served. The challenge continues also on social networks, where everyone can share their own version of the recipe declaring once again the success of the format.
Video Preview | 15 years of design at Superstudio with SUPERDESIGN SHOW
with Gisella Borioli, CEO Superstudio Group and Carolina Nisivoccia, Art Director SuperDesign Show, in collaboration with DDN. 00:00 – 01:57 | 32 years of Superstudio: Tortona district is born 01:58 - 07:10 | SuperDesign Show, Superstudio's new project Video by Imagery Multimedia Audio live recording / Post production audio by Studio B recording
Lorenzo 2015 CC Cover - Lorenzo Jovanotti
For Lorenzo the cover of the cd is "as important as the cd" so the working day at Superstudio of Milan is more than a simple photograhic session. Many cover of Jovanotti have been created at Superstudio, thanks to the art director Sergio Pappalettera and shootings by Giovanni Stefano Ghidini, it is here that the cover "Lorenzo 2015 CC" will be made. Among colourful mythological beings, sports bibs, motorcyclist helmets, Lorenzo looks for the right image to communicate the sensation of speed and game, of danger and need to protect oneself to face it.
Puritalia's worldwide preview at Superstudio 13
Worldwide preview at Superstudio 13, here Puritalia Automobili's first creation is unveiled, the 427 designed by the young designer Fabio Ferrante. Story of an Italian startup that will be successful, at Superstudio 13.
Two motorcycling stars at Superstudio Più for the launch of the new Yamaha R1 and R1M. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, guests at EICMA Yamaha Global Press Première, introduced Yamaha news in Milan's greatest hall, the Central Point of Superstudio. At the exclusive press conference also the CEO and President of Yamaha Motor Co. Hiroyuki Yanai was present. Watch the Photogallery and the Video of the Première. To re-experience the exclusive event discover the complete live.
PRESENTATION Superstudio Group
MIA Fair 2014
MIA Fair is back at Superstudio Più, the international art fair dedicated to photography and video, where 180 italian and international exhibitors will likewise present artists, following the unique and original formula "a stand for each artist - for each artist his own catalogue".
Taste of Milano 2014 - Eco-friendly proposals by star-rated chefs
TASTE is back at Superstudio Più, where top Chef and restaurants create an experience journey of Italian and International cuisine for every taste, but always in the name of quality.
RAINHOUSE by IVANKA - Milan Design Week 2014
The Water of Life project is a new system of surfaces, tanks made of "bio-concrete" able to collect rain and turning it into top quality fresh water, on exhibit at Temporary Museum for New Design 2014.
Temporary Museum For New Design by TV Moda/Jo Squillo
Temporary Museum For New Design by TV Moda/Jo Squillo
30 years Superstudio 1983-2013
An unforgettable evening, by all: at Superstudio 13, opened in 1983, great center of photography studios and services for the fashion where is passed all the ghota of the photography and the international fashion, we saw many friends old and new, great names and a lot of young people. Happy to enjoy the videos of Oliviero Toscani and Giovanni Gastel, the shooting of the young Rocco Toscani and Matteo Gastel, the exhibition of the 12 Masters for S.Michele on the Panaro, with Martina Colombari, the longest wall of Afip representing hundred photographers who received them outside, the sound of Saturnino, the murales for the 30 years realized by Flavio Lucchini, still work-in-progress to be able to contain most possible of the 1200 photographers passed in the years to the Superstudio. In the night of 12 December 1,500 people had champagne and panettone with us, 800 people have visited studios and exhibitions in the week-end open door. Thanks to all!
Temporary Museum For New Design - Innovation? Yes, thanks!
TVN'video about Temporary Museum 2013
Apparati Effimeri - HiWHIM, Temporary Museum for New Desing 2013
Teaser video di Apparti Effimeri, anticpazione della video installazone al Temporary Museum.
With Gisella Borioli, Giulio Cappellini, Stefano Giovannoni, Ruben Abbattista, Elena Del Santo in collaborations with La Stampa.

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