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Superstudio Più is a modern, poly-functional and versatile multi-location, a huge space available to the city of Milan and to important international events – created to meet the needs of the most vital operators and creative people working in the overlapping fields of fashion, art, design, communication, culture and entertainment.
Wide, flexible, obscured or day-light spaces, which can be divided or combined, with heating and air-conditioning, perfectly suitable for great events, exhibitions, conventions, fairs, fashion shows, performances, dances, covering a total area of 10000 square meters. 
The variously-sized spaces are also perfect as studios for furniture, car, advertisement photo-shooting, for cinema/television sets, for any use of wide and comfortable surfaces, easy to set up, to reach and accessible to trucks.
On demand, we can provide customized services including communication strategies, design, setting up, videos, lighting, sound system, organization, casting, hostess, production, security,  catering etc. Central location, private parking area and subway MM Porta Genova stop close by.

NEWS 2021 Superstudio Maxi in Milan, is the new hub for art, design, fashion, lifestyle, innovation, culture and communication. Superstudio Maxi, the new location that will be added to “13” and “Più” to bring more beauty, culture, innovation, vitality in the “Moncucco district” already alive with the presence of Iulm University, with the “big names” architectures installed in an exceptionally green area touched by the Lambro canal. Superstudio Maxi owes its name to its 10.000 sq.m area, including a single floor of 7.200 sq.m of covered exhibiting space with maximum capacity of 3.400 people simultaneously, the largest private exhibition space in Milan. It is the first Leed-certified location for events in Europe (world regulation for the construction of ecological buildings).


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Visit the Superstudio Events website, our company dedicated to the management of spaces.


- 10.000 m2 of exhibition space, in the heart of zona Tortona, Milan
- 10 independent halls that can be connected
from 6 to 11 meters in height
- 1.200 m2 of garden
- wi-fi everywhere
- front desk open 24h and reception
- restaurant, bar and catering on its inside
each hall can host from 10 up to 2.000 people
- indoor and outdoor parking
- all the halls are air-conditioned
and in line with the regulations
in addition
- cloakroom for up to 1.000 people
- customized staging on demand
- staging for common spaces
- truss and lighting equipment rentals
- security room to guard jewels
- warehouse and store-room
- forklift trucks and transportations
- technical office and production management
- security, hostess and cleaning service on demand
- over 10.000 sq.m total surface
- 7.200 sq.m exhibiting hall
- capacity: 3.400 people
- 8m height, 15m distance between pillars
- Vision Room, multi-purpose small room: 200 sq.m, 100 people seated
- solar panels: 2.000 sq.m
- electric power: 1.250 KW
- electrical energy: 100% renewable
- lighting: high power LED
- facility: production office, meeting rooms, forklift and lift platform
- wi-fi ovunque superfast
- security video system 24/7
- service areas: spaces for cloakrooms, catering, storage
- parking: 2.200 public spaces and 70 private inside spaces
- subway at  1 minute  walking distance (MM2 Famagosta stop)

A huge ledwall of 200 sq.m wide and 11m high welcomes visitors and conveys personalised contents, video art, live videos of what goes on inside. The facade of a building becomes a  “(con)temporary art subject” that transforms according to the messages to be conveyed, A constantly renovated appointment with art meant to get residents and visitors’ attention.
Next to Superstudio Maxi, a large green public park surprisingly well tended and lively, the Parco La Spezia of 53 600 sq.m, with playground and dogs area.
CONTACTS: Superstudio Events S.r.l.
via Tortona, 27  20144 – Milano
Tel. +39 02 42250150  Email booking@superstudioevents.com
New website: www.superstudioevents.com


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