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Superstudio 13 is the location where sartorial fashion shootings take place, the first and most popular studio complex equipped for any taste and need. The right location also for small exhibitions, showrooms, fashion shows and presentations.

Superstudio 13, created in Milan in 1983 by the editor-journalists Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli, is the privileged gathering center of photographers, art directors, editors, stylists and creatives. In the years it has become an iconic place that contributed to the growth of the fashion world by giving the first pulse to the requalification of the Tortona district in Milan.

2021 is the year of renewal with improvements and expansion of the business. In order to ensure the continuity of founders’ vision in the future, the presidency of Gisella Borioli at SUPERSTUDIO SET is joined by her nephew Tommaso Stecchi Borioli. He takes care of the new ownership together with EPHOTO partner’s magagement team which brings its know-how in the ecommerce world and other projects. Gisella Borioli remains on the Board of Directors.


Superstudio 13 in Via Forcella consists in 13 photo studios with different heights and characterists, where the best photographers and art directors like to work in while in Milan. Each studio is rented by day with the presence of a studio assistant ready for any type of request. Each studio is independent, with AC, with a makeup/hair room, hi-fi sound system, phone, WI-FI connection etc.

Superstudio 13 has both cyclo and limbo studios, daylight and modular studios with electrical walls, that can be matched in various ways to reach a unique space of 1000mq. There is also the possibility of an independent entry from the road to accomodate large structures. There is the availability of avantguarde equipment (flash Broncolor Grafit with all its accessories, flash Elinchrome with all its accessories, ARRI projectors, tungsten lights, Neon Bank) and professional digital cameras.

It is also possible to rent any type of material even if it is not available in house, by knowing the equipment in advance. Paper “superior” backdrops are available in different sizes and colours together with fabric backdrops and velvet cloths that can be made on request. The technical and creative team at Superstudio is available for the study and realisation of particular sets, backgrounds, setups, rentals. Superstudio 13 is also connected to companies for digital development, retouching, production, decorations, carpenter, free lance etc.

The Superstudio 13 locations and studios can also be rented for fashion shows, expositions, conventions etc.

All the studios 6,7,8,9,10,11 rappresented in the scheme have disappearing electrical walls and can be combined in different ways, and can create a 1000 mq space. There is the possibilty to organise parties, events, fashion shows, conventions etc.


Independent access from the road.


** Studio 12+13 Mt 24,60x9,50x5,80 h max.


CONTACTS: Superstudio 13
via Forcella, 13  20144 – Milan
Tel. +39 02 833961   Email info@superstudioset.com



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