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Outside the lively chaos of the Fuori Salone in the myriads of the locations spread all over via Tortona neighbourhood. Inside, beyond the gate of Superstudio Più, in the heart of the creative district, a calm and exclusive oasis, where selected international designers and projects reveal the particular attention to the best quality.
Gisella Borioli, Superstudio Group CEO, put in Giulio Cappellini's hands the direction of the event, in order to change the image of the event, according to the idea of Cultural, Experimental, and Excellence Centre, something like a "Temporary Museum for New Design".
White buildings punctuated with big, red cubes that function as signs and stand at the welcome desks. Black asphalt and white carpets indicating the path. No visible logos, no visual cacophony: all exhibitors, like in a museum, must conform to a precise, external aesthetic choice of elegance and rigour.
They are all significant representatives of the best design, carefully chosen following criteria of excellence and depending on the project interest. Each Company was requested to realize a sort of "room" and to think about a title summarizing its content, just like in a museum for an exhibition of conceptual art. Fuori Salone at Superstudio, from April 16th to the 21st.



The brand new Café at Superstudio13, a place of great design that embellishes the well-known shooting location in via Forcella, is a project by the esteemed architect and designer Michele De Lucchi (who realized also the new Design Museum at La Triennale in Milan). A homely and cosy environment entirely made of natural wood with an original mix of design pieces of furniture by De Lucchi himself and design chairs different from each other (L'Abbate, Montina, BF sedie, Riva).
Superstudio Café has opened on March 31st at 6.00 pm, with the vernissage of the exhibition "Piccole Case" (Small Houses), pictures and sculptures by Michele De Lucchi, an event which is part of (con)Temporary Art circuit.



Monthly rendez-vous with Première is on March 19th with a night dedicated to cinema d'essai and live music, in occasion of Attilio Azzola's film "Diari" (Diaries) presentation, produced by Fuoricampo. The trailer, screened at Dance Point at 20.30, contains some scenes taken from the movie coming out in May. The band Becky’s Diary, that realized also the movie soundtrack, plays tracks from their repertory. After the screening a talk with the musicians, the director, and the actors.



Gold in terms of metal, colour, coat of varnish, mysticism, evocation, light, preciousness. Important names such as James Lee Byars, Gino de Dominicis, Giuseppe Maraniello, Aldo Mondino, Luigi Ontani, Paul Renner and Andres Serrano tackle with Yuri Ancarani, Matteo Bergamasco, Corrado Bonomi, Angelo Bucarelli, Marco Cingolani, Marina Ferretti, Michelangelo Galliani, Massimo Kaufmann, Flavio Lucchini, Elena Monzo, Davide Nido, Giampaolo Striano, Cosimo Terlizzi and Dany Vescovi, the youngest generation of contemporary artists. Gold/Zero Karati exhibition investigates contemporary art universe and selects works realized using this rare material, playing wit it and transforming it in a decorative element. The exhibition, cured by Maria Chiara Valacchi and in collaboration with Bonelli Arte contemporanea, opens on March 22nd at 17:00. Works on display until April 6th.



To make the most out of young contemporary art with innovative initiative, with an action of Temporary Art, that means to use via Tortona various locations to present artists and galleries representative of new tendencies and visual art developments. (Con)Temporary Art in via Tortona and its neighbourhood wants to be the first "fuorisalone" of the arts in Milan, according to a project thought out by Gisella Borioli and supported by the most sensitive operators in Zona Tortona area. The first rendez-vous is scheduled for March 31st through April 6th and is titled "Aspettando Miart" (Waiting for Miart), to bring about a common sense of being part in the contemporary art movement. (Con)Temporary Art project transforms every location in a unique, original, temporary art gallery.
28 locations have already decided to participate and many more are being confirmed, besides an "art menù" in some, selected restaurants, a party with a charity auction, and a dedicated stand inside MiArt. Vernissage of the circuit Monday, March 31st.



From the street to art galleries, Bros - street artist and controversial cultural agitator – puts on show twenty large works in the Art Point at Superstudio Più, from March 18th throughout April 6th.
From September 11th to the Flood and to Chernobyl nuclear disaster, these works depict the greatest events in the history of mankind through a strong style that employs a variety of materials. Bros 20E20 exhibition is cured by Art kitchen and part of (con)Temporary Art, a new project by Gisella Borioli intended to make the most of contemporary art young talents. The program schedules numerous exhibitions in the unusual setting of zona Tortona. From March 31st through out April 6th.
Info: www.brosart.com



To convert the audience to echo fashion, this is C.L.A.S.S. objective.
The word's only showroom of echo-sustainable fabrics proposes a debate on echo-creativity within White.
Riding the wave of enthusiasm generated overseas by the great success Knit Café, C.L.A.S.S presents a preview of the first Embroidery Cafè in Milan, with the special collaboration of NABA.
"Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti", coordinated by the artist Francesca Grazzini, invite the audience to attend workshops and tray one's hand at embroidering this organic fabric and textile materials.



A forbidden love, a story set in an old palace in Milan. The interiors of an eighteenth-century residence are the setting of this intriguing and ambiguous liaison between a man and a woman. 20 artistic shots on display at Superstudio 13 in via Forcella 13, from Febrary 20th to 22nd, tell about a plot based on seduction and repenteance. Behind the camera, Alexandro Martinengo and Amilcare Incalza, internationally well-known pair of art and fashion photographers, this time inspired by Wholegarment by Saverio Palatella, the Italian designer's new collection of jersey clothes.



Unique pieces that remind of antique doors marked by time.
An explosion of reflections and shades, these are the features of "La porta, l'incognito, la luce" (The door, the incognito, the light) exhibition by Angela Carruba Pintaldi, at MyOwnGallery until March 12th. Handmade flax canvas and pigments, gold, silver and bronze powders with oil: is the artist that digs and penetrates its works, according to a ritual that aims to finding another land, another space, where lies the hidden meaning of life. Last chance to meet the artist: Saturday, February 23rd from 6 pm to 8 pm.



Superstudio opens its doors to About J, the first big event organized by Fiera Vicenza and dedicated to the finest jewellery: a selection of the best Italian and international brands and the highest qualified field operators gather together for an exclusive event that take place from March 2nd through the 4th. On the occasion, in the same days, Jean-Michel Jarre concert at Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Giovanni Gastel itinerant photo exhibition and the performance at ExAnsaldo space of  Eleonora Abbagnato, étoile at the Paris Opera. Besides, opens at MyOwnGallery the exhibition Gold/ Zero Karati.



Once more Superstudio Più, where the incredible phenomenon of Fuori Salone in Zona Tortona was born in 2001, makes a choice of quality and excellence, presenting interesting contents and eminent guests, among the most representative in the international scenario.
This year Superstudio, within ZonaTortona Design period, transforms itself in a "Temporary Museum of New Design": great architects and international firms celebrate their abilities in the huge spaces offered by the location, creating exhibition areas where the product presentation is arranged inside a fascinating, artistic context. Particular attention is given to common and outdoor areas, integral part of the design project thanks to particular pathways and signs, graphically discreet and refined, in a typical Museum style.
Once more, art-director is Giulio Cappellini, side by side with Gisella Borioli in the coordination activities, and ZOT, the society that stands behind the entire ZonaTortona Design circuit.



4 days teeming with meetings, events, and shows for WHITE, the long-awaited fashion rendez-vous in Milan that changed business rules and communication criteria of fashion industry.
In the Art Point area, the White Lounge, takes place the "shoes couture", presenting the coolest footwear brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, and Ann Demeulemeester.
In the Gallery, as well, a gorgeous display of many other high quality shoes, this time concerning the newest prêt-à-porter tendencies.
In the Central Point, heart of the fashion show, are located young talents and famous brands, while Inside White is a lab where 16 new artists have the opportunity to exhibit their collections to win the Inside White Award competition.
The most bizarre, eccentric and unconventional designers are located in the Basement, a fascinating and very longed-for space, where collection are presented as art installations.
12 HOURS is the event that takes place in the Lounge, where 4 internationally known designers can introduce themselves to buyers and press…but everything in just 12 hours!
This and much more, such as the section On|off, that celebrates London avant-gard, and C.L.A.S.S., a showroom dedicated to new fabrics obtained from recycled materials and renewable resources.
Not to be missed the great White Club Show at Magazzini di P.ta Genova!



4 very intense days, 12 hours, 4 different fashion creators that introduce to buyers and press their ideas, collections and projects. It's "12 ore", an inside event that brings to light the minimalism of Monecouture, the ironic T-shirts of Henry Holland, Roskanda Ilincic feminine glamour, the combination between technology and craft proposed by Modernist. Also in the Lounge, small corners/showroom dedicated to the 5 designers chosen by White Club to participate at fashion shows in via Valenza.



Look Book Moda Milano, the initiative conceived and cured by Gisella Borioli together with M.A.T. (Milano Altri Talenti) in favour of young fashion photographers, has now entered in its final section. Supported by Comune di Milano and managed by Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti TAU Visual, the project aims to give young fashion photography talents the chance of seizing concrete professional opportunities. From February 21st through the 23rd, the selected photographers will be able to meet the major representatives in this field, show their portfolios, ask for a critical appraisal of their work and widen their agenda of contacts: in other words, this is the right occasion to give an unusual look at the too often underestimated Italian fashion photography.

In the pool of experts for Look Book Moda Milano: Anna Cuppini, Velvet art director; Gianni Mascolo, XL and Venerdi' di Repubblica art director; Milva Gigli, D - la Repubblica delle Donne vice fashion editor in chief; Photographers' agents: Davide Campi (Ag Plus), Rino Cosentino (Blob), Catherine Bourkiza (Visual Team), Giancarlo Scialanga (Frame); Fashion Photographers: Piero Gemelli, Settimio Benedusi and Max Cardelli; Roberto Tomesani (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti TAU Visual Coordinator) and Angelo Cucchetto.




Pills of Art, Dance and Music, Video and Theater, short performances presented by companies or single artists. It's Gaja Lucchini new project, on stage at Dance Point once a month. The first of these première, a contemporary dance performance titled "Studio per figura morta con natura (still figure with life)" by young coreographer Giorgia Maretta, was successfully welcomed by both the audience and the critics. This show is also among the selected projects taking part at 2008 Biennale of the young European and Mediterranean artists. Next rendez-vouz with Les Premieres is scheduled for February 8th with "Evoluzioni" (Evolutions), three short films by Chiara Battistini, an author and director based in Milan who draws her inspiration from life, nature, the body and the idea of travelling.
Info: www.dancepoint.it



Once more Superstudio Più qualifies as the ideal location for high quality events and shows of excellence standard. From March 2nd through the 4th takes place "About J", an exclusive event dedicated to fine jewelry and cured by "Fiera di Vicenza", aimed at gathering together 60 renowned Italian firms and few, highly selected International brands. At the same time, MyOwnGallery in collaboration with Bonelli Arte presents the contemporary art exhibition "GOLD": 5-6 artists whose works concern the theme of Gold and its various representations (up to April 7).



WHITE HOMME at Superstudio Più, the fashion fair entirely dedicated to Manís wear and Womanís pre-collection was the bursting novelty of Man Fashion Week in Milan. An innovative project based on high quality and research, starting from the location itself and the setting: a huge, luxury loft, with no walls or passages, furnished with antique sofas and unique design pieces, where there are only light cones leading the way. Among the various special events scheduled for this first edition: White Club, a no-profit organization born with the aim of throwing a bridge between creativity and industry, and the project 12 hours.
Info: www.whitehomme.it



Is the development of a fashion network in the neighbourhood of via Tortona. Gisella Borioli and Massimiliano Bizzi gathered together the owners of the locations strewn on this area in order to present Tortona Fashion District project. Their aim is to bring up the value of all fashion realities located in the area - such as showrooms, temporary and permanent exhibitions, fashion shows, etc. - during every Fashion Week in the city, through a unified communication and promotion strategy. The project aims, in the future, at involving also the other, surrounding creative realities; the idea is to give a strong connotation to this district and transform it in one of the most exclusive, alternative "window" of the city. Tortona Fashion District wants to be a concrete opportunity for Milan to become more and more an international stage in the fields of business and creativity.



An innovative space for tomorrowís metropolis. A bench to answer people's need of a better and more functional relationship with urban furnishings. SIEDI.MI is the new concept public seat: thanks to a particular, severe design and the multifunctional accessories, it can be a metal container for flowers, a wi-fi hotspot or a bike rack. Designed by Antonello Mosca, with the creative collaboration of Gisella Borioli, and produced by Giorgetti, and supported by Councillor Maurizio Cadeo. A temporary installation for a better and much more liveable city will be on exhibition in Piazza Duomo and in other historical city location throughout February 6 th.



NABA, already partner with Superstudio for several past events such as Cowparade and Christmas City Park, opens the new series "WEDNESDAYS @ NABA - No cost. Creativity as an exchange". From November 7th 2007 through June 4th 2008, more than 30 rendezvous cured by Alessandro Guerrieri and Stefania Vaccari to discuss about art, culture, contemporary tendencies. At Edificio Amaranto on the premises of NABA, students and audience meet Italian and International artists, architects, designers, actors, directors, chefs, stylists, graphic designers, who are making great efforts to change the way profit business goes in favour of a ìno costî enrichment.
Info www.mercoledinaba.info

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