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A concept gallery for contemporary art, design and photography

MyOwnGallery is a "concept gallery", a place both physical and conceptual that hosts and produces contemporary art, fashion, design events or exhibitions, collaborates with italian and international galleries sharing the project and scouts and promotes selected new artists who fulfill clear criteria of quality, commitment, professionalism, originality and research. His location at the entrance of Superstudio Più, the big centre for events in zona Tortona, the trendiest area of Milan, makes it a unique space as far as location, architecture, frequenting and possibilities is concerned.

MyOwnGallery takes a special interest in artists who investigate linguistic cross-fertilization, multidisciplinary approaches and relations with other disciplines (photography, painting, sculpture, installations, performances, dancing, music…) or whose experience and background are original, with a special focus on links to the world of fashion and of design.

MyOwnGallery works in a free and flexible way, with a planning based on researches, meetings and occasions. Hosting exhibitions in collaboration with important italian and international galleries and hosting works by selected artists who fulfill the gallery mission according to the commission judgement, are part of her project goals.

For more details: www.myowngallery.it

A box to fill of ideas. A window-gallery for artistic or commercial installations.

A box for cars turning into a box for creativity.
A tiny gallery overlooking via Tortona.
A big enlightened window.
A small place connecting artists or brands and passers-by, in zona Tortona in Milan.
The perfect place for installations, mini-exhibitions, personalized and branded windows, also collegated with the main gallery, the MyOwnGallery.

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