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An appointment in MyOwnGallery with the neurosciences to discover the unknown mechanism regulating our reactions in front of a painting, a design work, an advertisemnt or an exhibition.
Starting from the limits of neuroscience research on artworks, Nicola Colecchia, founder of Synapticart, finds out a new research of perspectives based  on the use of language of neural networks that is unconsciously inscribed in the anyone's body and mind. The use of such language dictates the success of the artwork, as demontrated in masterpieces by great artists amd designers who, in any era and any place, intuitively created sub-symbolic tools to improve the power of attraction of their art work. (Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano, Mirò, Magritte, Beuys, Weston, Kutner, Piano, Brewster, Cattelan, Hirst, Pesce, A. Mendini, Maurer, Gehry and more).
A fascinating journey into the world of sub-symbolic and neural networks.



29 October at 5.30pm

MyOwnGallery, Via Tortona 27 - Milan

Free entrance with booking: colecchiasynapticart@gmail.com

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