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Science, Art and Politics. Three worlds, at first sight very distant one from the other, now interacting with each other in "Resonances", two days festival hosted at Superstudio Più, organized by Research Centre of European Commission.
Conferences, performances and an exhibition of ten installations, with the collaboration among artists and JRC members, face themes such as geo-engineering, animal testing, ground degradation and water management.
Don't miss FOOD | Sustainable | DESIGN, where, on both days,  the interdisciplinary  Eat Art Performance by Sonya Stummerer and Martin Hablestreiter takes place, where boundaries are dejected between art, science and audience, recreating an actual supermarket based on new criteria for the arrangement and presentation of food. Food becomes an artistic invention of awareness on the political and ecological consequences of food consumption.




13th - 14th October

Superstudio Più
Via Tortona 27 - Milan

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