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Unreal Flower exhibition by Alessandro Riva and with Gisella Borioli as stage manager inaugurates on 19th June 6 pm in MyOwnGallery, art.box and Art Garden, some of Superstudio locations. It is an opportunity to visit and meet artists of different generations and social condition who have talked about flower, the most beautiful expression of nature. Many artists such as Andy, Roberto Angelotti, Simona Baronti, Antonella Bersani, Corrado Bonomi, Mattia Bosco, Mario Ceroli, ConiglioViola, Pino Deodato, Corrado Fabbri, Marco Garatti, Giovanni Gastel, Marco Lodola, Flavio Lucchini, Carlo Maria Maggia, Florencia Martinez, Fulvia Mendini, Carla Tolomeo, Nicoletta Veronesi, Dany Vescovi have painted, sculpted and taken pictures of flowers made of plastic, of velvet, light, foam, resin, paper, ceramics, methacrylate, fabric, pixel, fashion.
For further information see www.myowngallery.it

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