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Over one thousand five hundred people were able to admire the immaterial exhibition of Toys by Flavio Lucchini, on show at Superstudio Più during the latest Superdesign Show. An important figure, considering that imaginary large sculptures appeared in the empty space only after downloading the FlavioLucchiniArt App and following the instruction given by Sense-immaterial Reality, author of necessary technology. The incredible exhibition that allowed to admire the art works in all its details and viewpoints and also take a photo with them, was very successful and aroused great interest, so much that a replayis already planned during the year in London and Dubai. However, before moving abroad, the “Unreal but real” exhibition by Lucchini will be back in Milan for the whole month of May, set up in MyOwnGallery.


Free entry


06- 31 May 2019

MyOwnGallery - Superstudio Più

Via Tortona 27bis, Milan


For more information: www.myowngallery.it


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