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In 2019, beginning of the twentieth year of Superstudio Più, the AUTISTICO/ARTISTICO project is born, as wanted by its founders and with the patronage by the Quartieri  Tranquilli association to give “special needs” kids (autistic and Asperger syndrome) the opportunity to develop and improve their abilities and relations by practising art, introducing them closer to painting, sculpture, music, performance, theatre, photography and more.

Flavio Lucchini, provides for the Autistico/Artistico Project, by donating the relevant income, many of his art works and publications:

- IL DESTINO-DOVEVO FARE IL CONTADINO MA HO INCONTRATO LA MODA (E NON SONO UNO STILISTA), hot off the press, the autobiography in 90 memories of a great protagonist of fashion, publishing and art in the 60’s. Donation 15 € (instead of 19).

- CAHIER, artist book in limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies with drawings by Lucchini inspired by collections of Giorgio Armani, Romeo Gigli, Gianni Versace in the 90’s. Donation 30 € (instead of 50).

- FROM FASHION TO ART - THE VOGUE LESSON, by Luca Beatrice and Gisella Borioli (Skira editions), a volume that collects part of Flavio Lucchini’s artistic production starting from 1990. Donation 25 € (instead of 49).

The books on sale may be requested at info@superstudiogroup.com or collected in MyOwnGallery (via Tortona 27 bis) at the special price, as indicated above and also with an exclusive promotion on the purchase of the three titles together with the price of € 50.

The book IL DESTINO is also sold in LaFeltrinelli  bookstores, in the Bookshop of the Triennale di Milano, in the bookstore Corraini 121+ and in the main international e-bookshops.


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