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On the 14th of april Cowparade's opening took place. With the curatorship of Gisella Borioli, MyOwnGallery's director, 100 cows were placed in the streets of Milan. Among the works of art by designers and creative people also the cows of the artists connected with the gallery. Two white cows with the heads covered with red thread kiss at the airport of Linate. Barbara Zucchi feathered cow is located in Largo Donegani, the one by Gaja Lucchini, dressed with Swarowsky and pailettes watches the passers-by from Coin window in Corso Vercelli. The skinned cow by Matttia Bosco in Piazza Sempione is covered with plastic as if on sell in supermarkets. Flavio Lucchini presents a sexy cow at Magna Pars, while at Superstudio Più Andy's pop-rock cow is on show.
Link: http://www.cowparademilano.it



What's new at Superstudio Più during the Design Week 2007? It's a top-secret name until the last minute and that you discover in a small-concealed privet among the big exhibitors. The "secret" name is Ineke Hans, a young Dutch designer selected among thousands by Giulio Cappellini, the art consultant of Superstudio Più and in this edition the person in charge of finding future stars of design. Holland confirms again its creativity, thanks to Marcel Wanders personal exhibition too. Inekeís minimal ìroomî that is possible to enter only on invitation is full of her poetic original creations linked to childish candour. As Mr. Cappellini says, you bet she will be the next Philippe Starck.



During "Fuori Salone" in zona Tortona Slide Events, the new company of Slide Design Group, in collaboration with Superstudio Group, suggests art-design and performances, together with important societies and artists, in the spectacular location of Ex-Ansaldo. It's an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between art, design, environment and creativity. Among the shows "Marcel Wanders personal edition" in the central stand, an exhibition of unique pieces and unknown projects by the Dutch designer. In a 1800 square meters location Felice Limonsani presents "Toy Fashion Tour", the famous giant Qee-toys dressed by international fashion designers, as Cavalli, Balenciaga, Yoshj Yamamoto, Dolce & Gabbana. It's a benefit event with an e-bay auction. "We will save the earth?" is the interactive art-event that makes you reflect upon the environment preservation with the representation of the progressive dissolution of ice. What's more, 1000 KoKÚ penguins on white debris by Giò Colonna Romano design, under the sky made of bright products by Slide Design are a deposition of human activity and its manufactured ever-lasting products.



A 1500 square meters Lounge at Ex-Ansaldo in front of Superstudio Più will welcome you to the first personal exhibition by the Dutch top-designer Marcel Wanders, from 17th until 23 of April. Inside the ex-industrial evocative location there will be creations and suggestions by the Star design, some that are in production and some that are not: giant bells, cult objects, pop-baroque lamps, a bar and a book-shop that are always restyled by Wanders will assure an extraordinary and astonishing experience. A big party on 17th for the design world will be on invitation only. The exhibition becomes a part of Ex-Ansaldo new manifestation that mixes up art and design, sponsored by Slide with the collaboration of Zot, the artistic direction by Gisella Borioli and Giulio Cappellini overview.



For the opening of the new micro gallery, art. box in Tortona Street, EmilioPucciRemix, a big name in the fashion world, an artist who has also left a mark in design. The box at Superstudio Più is actually a chromatic box containing other steel boxes with reflecting screens that run Emilo Pucci's famous fantasy videos changed into flowers, butterflies, turtles, ladybugs and other different animals or imaginary forms.
It is an installation by Felice Limosani, the author of the concept and videos.



A design week preview: Flavio Lucchini continues his artist research moving into large pop flowers. The initial works of the series "Qui c'è un fiore" are on view in Under-Gallery at Superstudio Più from 17th of April. They are large sculptures in resin and tridimentional panels, rough-sketch and candid forms clothed with fluorescent colours or sweet like marshmallows. Even if Mr. Lucchini seems to drift away from the analysis of the fashion world, his unfaded flowers remind of stylized corollas of spring clothes. Recent works such as the series of portraits "I'm different"or "Dress memory" are on show in other exhibition rooms.



During "Salone del Mobile" (from 17th to 23rd of April) you will find an important name of design that increases the interest in exhibitions at Superstudio Più and in closer locations of Ex-Ansaldo and Superstudio 13 in zona Tortona. The director Gisella Borioli has called Giulio Cappellini for an artistic consulting in order to guarantee high-level exhibitors, together with some innovative elements.
You will find the strong sign of Giulio Cappellini in spacing, in the essential signage, in strict choices to offer a less trade show Lounge and more like a museum, where design can be appreciated and remembered as the best.



"Thatís Design!" is the appropriate title for the youngest and the liveliest exhibition of "Fuori Salone" in zona Tortona. Sponsored by Domus Academy in association with POLI.design consortium, the University of Design, Polytechnic of Milan and Zot.
What is "Thatís Design"? It's a new event having an international outlook that accommodates in its big expositive spaces the most important design schools coming from all over the world, showing designersí products and projects. It is a great opportunity for universities, academies and young professionals to show, an occasion for companies and young designers to meet.
On 1800 square meters about surface of Superstudio 13 and Superstudio Industria, for the first time 22 of the most influential design schools in the world, coming from China, Korea, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Republic of San Marino, Holland, Sweden, Taiwan, will face the press, the market and the production.

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