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First rare editions, antique books, used but precious books, new issues, events, meetings with the authors, conferences and workshops, live music and photography. All this at “Salone della Cultura” first edition, on show on the 21st and 22nd January at Superstudio Più.


An ambitious and multicultural format originated from a combination of the world of used books and new ones in all its aspects: with no distinctions small and big publishers exhibit their new entries, meeting the readers and talking with the public and with collectors in search of the most precious and rarest books on the market. The “Salone della Cultura” introduces, within 10.000 sq.m at Superstudio Più, a wide schedule made not only of exhibiting space but also events, exhibitions, labs and workshops.


Don’t miss Prof. Franco Berrino’s, one of the most well-known  Italian oncologist in the world, Lectio Magistralis, the appointment with photography and design in 76 original shots by Elio Luxardo, brought from Fondazione 3M, and within Giancarlo lliprandi’s unforgettable sketches.
Among the workshops, the pop-up creation lab by the worldwide famous "paper engineering" master Dario Cestaro, is outstanding. And anyone dreaming of printing his/her own book should not miss the unique opportunity of a cooperation  with Tipografia Mediagraf and Xerox Italia S.p.a.



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