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ECCENTRIC Art & Research is an art consulting company, dedicated to the distribution and commercialization, is pleased to invite you to "Naturalia et artificialia" first exhibition in MyOwnGallery from 12th to 21st October, with work by all twelve representative artists up to today: Ivana Adaime Makac, Jamie Allen, Tomislav Brajnović, Sarah Ciracì, Baptiste Debombourg, Gabriele Di Matteo, Federico Luger, Brian Montuori, Steve Piccolo, Anja Puntari, Axel Straschnoy e Massimiliano Viel.  Special guest Francesco Jodice.

Naturalia et artificialia were two categories with which the wonders exhibited in the cabinets of curiosities during the Renaissance were classified. In the context of this exhibition both concepts work as the common thread that brings together the diverse topics addressed by featured artists and artworks. The exhibition is also an opportunity for the launch of the Minority Report section, dedicated to promote young talented and promising artists, starting from the first selected artist, Carlo Gambirasio.

Info: www.ec-centric.eu

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