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An interesting research by Sikkens, great paint brand with 200 years of history, constantly projecting towards the future. The challenge was to try to differ colours in harmony with the different human personalities. The aim is to prove the application of paint products for interiors in residential environment and the elaboration of colour palettes for interior use according to a “personality profilatura of the user”. For the experimentation Sikkens sent to a characterized and colour studio IED - European Design Institute, that visibly brought their fresh interpretation in the Selected Objects area. Truly an original research, anthropological and aesthetic: from the Dreamer, to the Curious, to the Minimalist, up to Irascible to Mysterious, arised 10 grandeur of colour to ten types of personalities.



SuperDesign Show 2015, Superstudio Più | 14-19 April
Online registration to get the invitation: www.superstudioevents.com

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