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He is one of the most acclaimed photographers of our times for fine art, advertising and fashion, well-known for surreal images and for overstated research as well as for technical experimentation.
David LaChapelle is back at Superstudio 13 on the 6th of June and presents in exclusive his new project "Land Scape", within the great Phase One event, top worldwide leader company for medium size photographic equipment.
No celebrities nor hollywood stars this time, but urban post-industrial landscapes, refineries reproductions made by top pattern makers from Los Angeles using recyclable materials, among which plastic bottles, straws, cans and hair curlers, subsequently photographed by LaChapelle, in various locations in California.


Watch the backstage of LaChapelle's project "Land Scape":

Part 1/2



Part 2/2



Superstudio 13, via Forcella 13

Friday, 6th June 2014 | 4.45pm - 8.30pm

Entrance by invitation only to professional photographers

Info: Silvana Saracino ssa@phaseone.com


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