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Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27

Superstudio 13 - Via Forcella 13, Via Bugatti 9


Press Preview 16th April 2018, 3pm-8 pm (only press)

17th-21st April 2018, 10am-9pm (only professionals)
22nd April 2018, 10am-6pm (also non-professionals)



17.000 sq.mt exhibiting space, 130 000 visitors and 2270 registered journalists only in 2016, theme projects, museum-like installations, national pavilions, independent or collective exhibitions, large consolidated companies but also young innovative ones, start-ups, self-design, “an absolute must” (Financial Times).
All of this is at SUPERSTUDIO, the iconic place for design in Milan, pioneer of the phenomenon of FuoriSalone in the neighbourhood, the most visited and renowned place in Tortona district since 2000. With the project SUPERDESIGN SHOW (that continues and takes over the success of the Temporary Museum for New Design) Superstudio carries on its mission focus on quality and excellence but this year aims like never before at research the extraordinary daily, the freedom of choice and ideas, the contamination between classic and avant-garde between industry and handcraft, tradition and future, simplicity and magnificence.
SUPERDESIGN SHOW breaks the rules: industrial design, art-design, artefacts, technology, automotive, work and décor objects, travels, entertainment, personal care, textile, ornaments, contaminations with tradition, and everything that design proposes in step with times. And again the Capitals of design, emerging countries who became protagonists, Materials Village with companies that suggest projects and technologies about materials’ latest innovations.
A research that goes on all year long looking for great ideas and culminates DISCOVERING: PEOPLE&STORIES, a project that opens itself to the world of young authors, independents designers and craftsmen, selected from all over the world with just one object representing them. An astonishing, lively and unpredictable exhibition in line with Superstudio’s identity as the space famous for experimentations, discoveries, the most interesting ideas: with the artistic contribution of Alessandro Guerriero the innovative proposals are lined up, with coordinated signage that values tradition, the heritage and the biography of the creatives.
Thought for small and medium companies is Selected Objects a collective exhibition dedicated to furniture and innovative objects in small spaces from 4 to 30 sq.mt. Created to highlight the new aesthetics, the research, it is highly successful section, followed by the press and international public with great interest.

An idea per year to characterize common areas and to align exhibitors on the recurring mood. Works with original elements of graphics, art, decor, photography, video, sculpture, music and performance, make the visit at Superstudio Più stimulating right from the entrance, bringing the visitor into a world that talks about creativity and innovation.
Lounge, meeting room, press office, coordinated image, common areas, garden, restaurants and much more. SUPERDESIGN SHOW is a project by Gisella Borioli


Online the new website: www.superdesignshow.com


For infos and reserve a space:

+39 02422501

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