For the past thirty years he devoted himself exclusively to artistic research, his life-long passion after the first forty years of success as art director, publisher and creator of important magazines. His elegant sculptures, sometimes delicate, other times ironic, at times majestic, his paintings and his bas-reliefs talk, with any means and material, about fashion meant as a metaphor of contemporary society. And, as an expression of a new religion that places the woman dress at the top, idolises and idealise it. From high couture to the burqa the women emancipation reveals itself and back, seen and interpreted by the artist and in dialogue with the communication, advertising, current issues and present aesthetics. 


The one year long and continuously in progress “I start over at 90 – Fashion Show” exhibition by Flavio Lucchini, exhibits some classics and many works never shown before, with constant changes, adds and replacements drawing from the impressive archive. It recounts the complex and unique artistic itinerary with a newsflash on his editorial past, collaborations and confrontations with other creatives, book presentations and other initiatives.
In MyOwnGallery, in Milan, from January to December 2018. Each month a new theme and a new subheading.